Bark Room is the the modern grooming shop that downtown Boca has been missing for years. Finally, a transparent cage-free groomer where your pet can get pampered, pickup the best toys, treats and accessories; and go home with the healthy food they deserve. Our mobile grooming unit has been servicing Boca & Delray for almost 10 years now. Now we’ve expanded our offerings and look forward to giving back to the animal community.

Our Story

We are John & Katie Andrews. We’re Boca Raton natives, and parents to a Chocolate Lab named Brutus and a Staffy mix princess named Roxanne. They pretty much run our lives… and we love it! When she’s not busy spoiling our pups, Katie has been successfully running a mobile grooming business in Boca Raton since 2011.

I feel the need to share something I’ve known about my wife for a very long time.

Katie is about the most loving and caring person you’ll get the chance to meet. That love permeates through her work every single day onto her canine and feline friends. She’s ALWAYS happy to see your pets. I’m positive that her long time clients will confirm this fact.

Her true love for animals is truthfully one of the reasons I married her. She’s an incredible woman, wife, and entrepreneur; and the real reason behind Bark Room.

Back to our story…

We’ve both grown up around animals, having dogs and cats as pets our entire lives. As a young girl, Katie had horses and used to compete on a national level in show jumping. Of the many life lessons we’ve learned; proper care of and respect for all animals was one of the first for us both.

Today, we love our life in Boca Raton and the local community. We know that we’re fortunate to live so close to the water and take full advantage whenever possible. We enjoy boating, freediving, fishing, and love anything involving the ocean.

Both being entrepreneurs, Bark Room was created to serve what we feel is a growing and underserved market in our community. Too many big box stores like Pet Supermarket and Petsmart are driving customers to the wrong decision when it comes to caring for their pet’s health.

For some time we’ve had a strong urge to pass on our belief in the health benefits of quality pet foods and create a safe place for your pet to be groomed, cage free. Our own dogs are prime examples of what proper care can do to make your dog thrive. Brutus is 9 and Roxanne is 8, but neither have missed a step. We believe that the quality of the food they are fed is a huge factor….along with the ridiculous amount of love that they get.

Our Mission

We want your pets to thrive! Our purpose is to enhance the lives of your animals through proper nutrition, care, and promotion of products that encourage exercising the puppy body and mind.

Longevity in your relationship with your canine and feline friends begins with the choices that you make with their food, treats, and even toys.

We truly believe in the benefits of every food item and product that we’ve hand picked for our store, and see our furry friends light up with excitement after every bath and haircut. Those smiles were the original influence to open Bark Room. Every day our team looks forward to spreading aloha throughout our animal community.

Giving Back

Bark Room’s love doesn’t start and stop at the shop doors.

Our founder’s have a pair of rescue animals who once were in need of a loving home. Brutus & Roxanne are two in a long line of rescue animals that have influenced a desire to give back to our local shelters and rescue facilities. We are constantly working with vendors and suppliers about getting involved with non-profit facilities in our area.

Give yourself the greatest gift, rescue an animal in need.

The Groomers


Katie Andrews

Grooming Manager

The Shop

Bark Room was custom built with your dog’s comfort in mind. There is no other shop in town that even comes close.

  • Cage-Free
  • Sanitary Buildout
  • Transparent Grooming
  • Open Concept Grooming
  • Multiple Run Sizes
  • Big Dogs Welcome

Ever wonder what’s going on behind closed doors at your current groomer? You won’t here.

Our goal was to provide an open concept grooming shop where you can actually see your pet being groomed; and never have to worry about them being put in a cage.

Boca Raton has needed a groomer to open a shop like this for some time. Our grooming process is transparent. Our shop is extremely clean, sanitary and welcoming.

For large breeds like Labs, Golden Retrievers, and Labradoodles we’ve built multiple run sizes. While your furry kids wait for their bath, they’ll be comfortable in an almost 25 square foot gated run. Brutus and Roxanne were our test pilots on many aspects of our shop build, and have given it two paws up!

Food, Treats, Toys, Accessories

Bark Room carries the very best products available to help your dog or cat thrive. We carry Primal, Stella and Chewy’s, Orijen, Fromm Family, and Acana for dogs. For cats we carry Tiki Cat, and a few more.

Part of our goal for the shop is to carry North American made products, while still giving other high quality companies proper consideration. We do in fact hand pick everything that is sold in our shop, thinking of you and your pets (and ours!) every step of the way. We have a full retail selection including:


Crunchy Treats


Chew Treats






Custom Feeders

Dog Beds


There is not a product in Bark Room that we wouldn’t feed to our own dogs or let them play with.

Come check us out! We look forward to meeting your pets, and you!