Katie Andrews

Katie Andrews

Grooming Manager

My Story

As many young girls growing up, I had an undeniable love for all animals. You name it, I have probably cared for it. From reptiles and small animals to household pets and horses, animals have always held a special place in my heart.

In fact, as an equestrian I spent years devoted to horse shows and really enjoyed traveling all over the country competing. In high school and college I worked as an animal care specialist at an established animal clinic in Boca Raton.

During that time, I was able to learn about many breeds of dogs and cats, how to properly care for them , and understand their common health issues.

Florida Atlantic University is where I studied Business Management and Marketing. I come from a family of entrepreneurs and knew that starting a business of my own would be in my future

My sister was a very talented groomer of over 10 years before retiring young to care for my favorite niece and nephew 🙂

She originally introduced me to mobile pet grooming. It didn’t take long before I immediately knew that grooming was for me. It fit my passion for animals and my aspirations to become a businesswoman.

Shortly after college I enrolled in grooming school. Pet’s Playground Grooming School in Fort Lauderdale was where I spent countless hours apprenticing under a veteran groomer. Here I was able to pick up many skills and fine details of the trade.

In 2007, I completed the course receiving my certification in all breed pet grooming. Since then, I have had the pleasure of working with very talented professionals who have helped me further my career and have pushed me to be the best.

Email: Katie@barkroom.dog
Phone: 561.271.6110